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Booz Allen Epidemico social medial data and analysis, integrated in Evidex alongside proprietary clinical trials safety outcomes data, optimized post-approval spontaneous reporting data from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS), and other real-world data sources provides pharmacovigilance professionals with the software, data, and anlaytics to track emerging safety issues through multiple data sets, validate signals seen in spontaneous reporting, and engage across these various data sets in a dynamic and proactive manner. 

Read the full press-release announcing the integration.

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Drug Safety Publications on Social Media Monitoring:

Social Media Listening for Routine Post-Marketing Safety Surveillance (Powell GE, Seifert HA, Reblin T, Burstein PJ, Blowers J, Menius JA, Painter JL, Thomas M, Pierce CE, Rodriguez HW, Brownstein JS, Freifeld CC, Bell HG, Dasgupta N.) Drug Safety. 2016 Jan 21. 

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Social Media Monitoring Pioneers

Developed in partnership with FDA, Booz Allen data has been used by both industry and regulatory safety stakeholders for drug safety monitoring, hypothesis generation, and signal validation


Fully Integrated with Evidex

Native integration between Booz Allen Epidemico data and Evidex allows for standardized views, but with the flexibility for deeper customization


Powerful Signal Management

Evidex + Booz Allen Epidemico = meeting EMA GVP Module VI social media monitoring  requirements 

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