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Signal Detection with Evidex® 

Evidex® provides access to optimized post-approval spontaneous reporting data from both the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) and VigiBase, market standard data mining metrics such as ROR, PRR, EBGM, and IC as well as peer-reviewed and published propreitary signaling algorithms to provide pharmacovigilance professionals with the softwaredata, and anlaytics needed to detect signals seen in spontaneous reporting. Read more in Pharmacovigilance Signal Detection: A Complete Guide.


Signal Detection, Made Easy

On-demand, real-time and web-based, Evidex allows for easy access to gold standard data with a best-in-class user interface and validated analytics. FAERS data updated within one week of FDA release.


Custom Searches and Analytics

Easy-to-use, powerful custom analytics allow a user to calculate complex datamining algorithms, including combination AND/OR searches in seconds.


Software, Data, and Analytics

Save time, resources and budget and provide safety reviewers with the data, analytics, and insight that they need to validate signals. 

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