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Signal Validation with Evidex® 

Evidex® links Advera Health's proprietary clinical trials safety outcomes database, optimized post-approval spontaneous reporting data from FAERS and VigiBaseclaims data, and social media monitoring to provide pharmacovigilance professionals with the softwaredata, and anlaytics to validate signals seen in spontaneous reporting, and engage across these various data sets in a dynamic and proactive manner.


Signal Validation, Made Easy

On-demand, real-time and web-based, Evidex allows for easy access to gold standard drug safety data sources with a best-in-class user interface and validated analytics.


Disparate Data in One Place

Native integration between Advera Health's databases in Evidex allows for standardized views, but with the flexibility for deeper customization


Software, Data, and Analytics

Save time, resources and budget and provide safety reviewers with the data, analytics, and insight that they need to validate signals. 

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