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Evidence Review: Epclusa for Hepatitis C 

Evidence Review: Epclusa vs. Solvaldi, Harvoni, Daklinza and Viekira Pak for Hepatitis C

Tables in this report include:

  • Clinical trial experience of Eplcusa  vs. Sovaldi, Harvoni, Daklinza, and Viekira Pak

  • Clinical trial experience of Epclusa in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis vs. Daklinza

  • Comparison of IME-Serious AEs of Epclusa, Sovaldi, Harvoni, Daklinza, and Viekira Pak

  • IME Serious RxSignals for Sovaldi, Harvoni, Daklina, and Viekira Pak

  • Harm costs and for Sovalid, Harvoni, and Viekira Pak

  • RxScore comparison for all Hepatitis C drugs

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Please note: This is an independent analysis conducted by Advera Health, based upon data and insight generated by the analytical tools of Evidex and other pertinent information gathered at the time of publication. This analysis is not sponsored or influenced by any third party. The inclusion of a particular company, drug, adverse event, class or indication in this report is determined wholly by our quantitative signaling and analytic systems along with our qualitative analysis work.