White Paper Download: Trends in Pharmacovigilance Data, Analytics, and Workflow in 2018

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"The next generation of drug safety data and analytics to comply with GVP IX Signal Management has arrived, but companies are dissatisfied with legacy based options."

In recent years the rapid development of “big data analytics” has created a surge within pharmaceutical companies to harness and leverage data from the entire value chain to drive actionable insights. Although other departments within pharmaceutical companies have long been focused on utilizing data driven insights, modern pharmacovigilance departments are just recently starting to fully incorporate a data-and-analytics-first approach to GVP IX signal detection, GVP IX signal validation, and GVP IX signal prioritization.

At Advera Health Analytics, our sole focus is on operationalizing pharmacovigilance analytics through the Evidex® platform. Based on conversations with our current and prospective customers, we’ve identified three overarching trends that are driving both process adoption, and technology acquisition.

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